Lesson 5 The Next Big Paradigm, the Transition Paradigm: Built on an Ecocity Civilization

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Lesson 5 Part 1: The Next Paradigm

We need new whole systems ways of looking at things, and ecocities is among them. The overall major pattern is often called a paradigm – we need a new one. The old over exploitation paradigm is burning out resources for both nature and humanity. The far greatest influence in economics is from ideas patently insane and suicidal starting with the idea that infinite growth on a finite planet is healthy, desirable or even healthy. Among the ideas very helpful in shifting this thinking is realizing a dynamic is always present that is not bad in its own right but when exaggerated becomes extraordinarily destructive. That can be called “exaggerated gamesmanship.” Competition and playing games, wining steps in progress of some sort is one of the realities of life and source of fun and progress up to certain limits, but these limits can be crossed and turn into cut-throat business practices, vicious prejudices and ultimately war. We need to see much of what we do in this context and not exaggerate the natural conflict between capitalism and socialism, Me and the Other, but accept the dynamic without exaggeration without intensifying the problems by getting too extreme.

General slide sequence by topics:

  • Remember – someone has actually saved the world once – we need to do it again
  • Infinite growth on a finite planet, no matter what the economists tell us is impossible and could be suicidal in the attempt
  • Einstein correctly points out, in more personal terms, once we accept our limits we can grow beyond them – but not in a physical production/consumption way
  • The evolution ideas reviewed
  • Emergence and the “two creations universe” theory of new physics
  • Evolution, “miniplexion” and the evolution theorists themselves
  • How early life forms began evolving brains, minds
  • Other animals that build
  • Soleri building, with his dog
  • Introduction to chart of human economics imbedded in nature’s – basic building blocks of energy water, minerals, air and biology
  • The artifact list of ancient and consumer cultures
  • Introducing “exaggerated gamesmanship” and what it means for the capitalism/socialism divide
  • Introducing dimensional pairs – updating the yin-yang symbol
  • Richard’s way of designing ecocity fractals and ecocities
  • Whole systems examples in drawings
  • Reminder to better understand natural earlier ecologies and living there
  • The Limits to Growth chart and updating it to include steady income of energy – the solar
  • Constant – and the reproductive potential of “biomass”
  • Impacts of mining, extraction
  • The car’s role in over consumption
  • Need for a new “myth” Star Wars is a bust, sets up a psychology of war
  • Nightmare actual photograph of refugees from war in Syria
  • Space travel and colonies in our future? Bring futuristic dreaming down to Earth.
  • The city of the future needs to be the generous city
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