Lesson 4 Nature, evolution plus a little agriculture

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Lesson 4 : Nature And Agriculture

We can “save the Earth” if we decided to, as proved by the fact that someone already has. Quite a few are working on the problem we face in climate change, species extinctions and efforts for peace but we need much more clarity at to what’s needed and the involvement not of a tiny minority but of a great majority. Crucial in such an enterprise would be building ecocities. Visions are needed as well as understanding life support systems on a grand scale. Major decisions need to be made such as do we give priority to exploration of outer space or the inner space of the human heart and the grounding of future dreams of ways to build and live here on the surface of a healthy Earth? Good idea for appropriately large projects embracing the enterprise of “saving the Earth” are needed and many examples are provided.


General slide sequence by topics:

  • Someone has actually saved the world once; no joke – guess who?
  • Atmospheric scientist Mario Molina for discovery of CFCs in the atmosphere and political activism culminating in the Montreal Protocol
  • Ecocities can play a similarly large, important part – Soleri was a leader in this regard
  • Early Arcosanti in construction and now
  • The evolution story in illustrations and fossils and what that has to do with cities
  • The anatomy analogy and the form of cities, featuring a ship in cross section
  • Recently extinguished species
  • The scary weight of mammals on Earth chart: humans appropriate 97%, wild animals 3%
  • BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster and what it really takes to get out into space
  • A proper future for humans? Space? Healthy on Earth? The choice illustrated
  • Master builder of car dependence (who never drove a car, having a chauffer) Robert
  • Moses
  • Sprawl and flying fantasies
  • Waterway restoration, Berkeley and Seoul, Korea
  • Elevated development on artificial mounds, New Orleans, tsunami country, and Island of
  • Vilufushi in Indian Ocean, plus part time island town of Mexcaltitan in Mexico
  • Density makes for better snow removal in Montreal, Galleria bracing for snow illustrated in Milan
  • Environment of and designs for Bhutan
  • Fruit trees in the streets and rooftop gardens
  • Allan Savory’s grasslands add soil carbon, restored by cattle herding techniques
  • Other forms of “natural carbon sequestration” into soils and sediments: peatlands, forests, marshes, mangroves, see grasses, marshes, coral reefs…
  • Good changes in China and New York City
  • Ice melt in arctic and “Adaptation is not an option” zebra striped polar bear Vancouver
  • Aquarium climate change poster
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