Lesson 1 Part 1: Ecocitizen

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Here the basic principles are put forward in imagery from drawings and photographs of “pieces of the ecocity” from around the world to visions of the whole thing coming together. The current crises are laid out and whole system solutions through ecocity theory and practice are offered. Many pictures and verbal descriptions represent technologies and techniques applied to changing cities toward making them far healthier. New technologies, renewable energy, pedestrian assisting architectural features begin to add up to an approach for transforming whole cities anywhere people want to bring the cities, towns, and villages into a harmonious relationship with nature. A mapping system to help guide development is needed and here proposed, along with a chart for testing out real ecocity progress provided.

General slide sequence by topics:

  • Basic principles of land uses and three-dimensional organization of space
  • Prevailing conditions of nature disintegrating and cities sprawling out
  • Models for reorganization from the scale of single buildings to the arrangement of urban “whole” structures, with a few examples from around the world.
  • Depaving and restoring natural features, largely featuring creek restoration
  • Renewable technologies: solar, wind and shading
  • Bridges, streets, hallways and tunnels for connection
  • Transportation particulars from high-speed rail streetcars and elevators to bicycles and pedestrian, infrastructure
  • Ecocity mapping
  • Fitting city-building to ecocity maps
  • Ecocity ideas of Chinese, Paul Downton, Paolo Soleri, Richard Register
  • Build examples approaching an “ecocity fractal”
  • Emergency and disaster preparedness: flood and fire
  • Whole city designs
  • Plazas
  • Ideas from and from Bhutan – exceptionally interesting and helpful place of Gross National Happiness
  • Ecocity Standards: measuring “how green is my city”
  • Berkeley’s imagined “ecocity fractal”: the Heart of the City Project
  • Iconic ecocity San Francisco
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