• The Evolving Brain: From Birth to Enlightenment

    by Dr. Fred Travis 6 Lessons $95.00

    The brain is the interface between us and the world. Throughout life our brain is evolving to support deeper perceptions of the world around us. This course offers concrete steps to help support the health and evolution of your brain.

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  • Vastu Green: Building In Tune with Natural Law Based Design and Construction

    by Jon Lipman 13 Lessons $59.00

    This Vastu Green course is an ideal start to designing and building your Maharishi Vastu® home. In four comprehensive lessons, you’ll learn basic principles and how to apply them. Then you’ll be ready to work with an architect or designer to create an ideal Vastu home that promotes health, family harmony, peace, and abundance.

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  • Ayurvedic Cooking for Pitta

    by Shankari Wegman 20 Lessons in $99.00

    This course is presented in a fun “cooking show” format with Ayurvedic cooks. The lessons also include interviews and discussions with MUM’s top Ayurvedic experts. The course, “Ayurvedic Cooking for Perfect Health” is recommended as a prerequisite.

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  • Ecocities by Richard Register

    by Richard Register 18 Lessons $49.00

    This course is for those interested in the evolution of cities and towns throughout history, and how they can be designed and reshaped to continue serving human social, cultural and economic purposes, while far from damaging nature, actually contribute to the health of all.

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  • Economic Sustainability by John E. Ikerd, PhD

    by Professor John E. Ikerd 23 Lessons $49.00

    Is the economic future of humanity in peril? The defining question of the 21st Century is: “How can we meet the needs of all in the present without diminishing opportunities for those of the future?” How can we create a sustainable economy?

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  • Dharma Parenting: Understanding Your Child's Brilliant Brain

    by Dr. Fred Travis & Dr. Robert Keith Wallace 20 Lessons $49.00

    Join Dr Keith Wallace and Dr Fred Travis in this companion course to their book Dharma Parenting, published by TarcherPeregree (Penguin). Dharma Parenting offers a uniquely individual approach to raising a happy and successful child. The word “dharma” means a way of living that upholds the path of evolution, maintains balance, and supports both prosperity […]

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  • We Create Our Reality

    by Dr. Fred Travis 8 Lessons $49.00

    “We create our reality” is a common phrase used by motivational speakers. This course looks at the reality of this concept in terms of brain functioning and in the way the brain changes with every experience.

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  • Introduction to Maharishi Ayurveda

    by Paul Morehead 15 Lessons $99.00

    Our true nature is happiness and balance, according to Maharishi AyurVeda. This 6-lesson introduction to Maharishi AyurVeda is a compact, but very rich course that explains in detail how the individual is composed of certain constituents, named doshas, that determine ones mind-body type. There follows an explanation of how imbalances occur in the physiology, the […]

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  • Maharishi Vedic Science and World Religions

    by Professor Evan Finkelstein 85 Lessons $320.00

    Maharishi Vedic Science and World Religions

    The goal of this course is to explore the universal principles of life that are expressed in Maharishi Vedic Science, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and to experience and stabilize in daily life the divine Unity, the light of God that is the unifying and harmonizing basis for all diversity.

  • Crafting a Life & Career

    by Steve Langerud 9 Lessons $0.00

    This is a FREE Course. Living and working with purpose helps us live longer and better. It is having a reason beyond ourselves to get up in the morning and act to make things better for someone or something else. This course provides a simple framework to help you create space to explore your purpose.

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