Biodynamic Agriculture

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★★★★☆ Great course, but it’s designed for advanced gardeners/farmers who are really into Biodynamic Agriculture. This is not a beginner course, in my opinion. Unless you are really into Biodynamic Agriculture, I’d recommend taking Organic Gardening.—ML


Biodynamic Agriculture is an advanced state of organic farming which lays the foundation for a new way of thinking about our relationship to the earth and the environment. It was the first ecological farming system to raise a voice against the commercial fertilizers and pesticides during the early years of industrial agriculture. In Biodynamic Agriculture, a farm is considered a self-sufficient organism with interactions with biotic and abiotic factors.

This course will introduce students to biodynamic agriculture: concepts, principles, and practices. Students will understand the following:

  • soil as a living entity
  • soil formation
  • soil fertility
  • nutrient cycling
  • importance of organic soil matter

This course will also cover biodynamic preparations, which are vital in this system of farming. The role of planets and constellations on plants and farming to attune the crops to the biorhythms of nature will be discussed.

Prerequisites: It is highly recommended that anyone wishing to view this course first complete the course entitled Organic Gardening or equivalent.


This course is taught by Dr. A. Thimmaiah who holds a PhD in Biodynamic Agriculture from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi, India, and serves as Associate Professor of Department of Sustainable Living at Maharishi University of Management.

Dr. Thimmaiah is an expert in organic, biodynamic, and Vedic agriculture, promoting climate-smart, low-carbon green approaches for rural development. Through constant innovation and research, he has developed many low-cost farming solutions utilizing natural resources that are benefiting thousands of farmers in different countries.

As a consultant to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Royal Government of Bhutan from 2008-2013, he developed the organic standards, guidebooks, training manuals and zero-cost certification system to empower the farmers and facilitate the Himalayan nation to go 100% organic by 2020.


Biodynamic Agriculture Lesson 1


  • Lesson 1: History of Modern Agriculture and Emergence of Biodynamic Agriculture Free Preview

Biodynamic Agriculture Lesson 2


  • Lesson 2.1: Biodynamic Principles and Practices
  • Lesson 2.2: Biodynamic Principles and Practices

Biodynamic Agriculture Lesson 3


  • Lesson 3.1: Biodynamic Preparations Part 1
  • Lesson 3.2: Biodynamic Preparations Part 2
  • Lesson 3.3: Biodynamic Composting

Biodynamic Agriculture Lesson 4


  • Lesson 4.1: More Biodynamic Preparations
  • Lesson 4.2: The Lunar Calendar

Other Lessons