Ayurvedic Cooking for Perfect Health

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The joys and benefits of cooking using Ayurvedic principles are explored in this MUM Distance Education course: Ayurvedic Cooking for Perfect Health. The basics of ayurvedic food selection and preparation are demonstrated in a 10-lesson course that includes step-by-step video instructions, recipes, and an explanation of the benefits that each meal bestows. Ayurvedic experts and master chefs discuss the best ingredients, cooking techniques, and recipes for a balanced vegetarian diet.

Maharishi AyurVeda® is a holistic system of health and healing. Utilizing the laws of nature, it aims to create health and balance in the mind and body. Food is an important aspect of this system and this course explores how to improve and maintain good health by cooking and eating delicious Ayurvedic meals. MORE

This course includes video instructions on:

  • how to use food to balance the three different mind-body types (doshas)
  • how to use all six tastes in each meal to curb cravings
  • how to adjust your cooking to seasonal changes
  • how to improve your digestion with food and spices
  • and much more
Presented in a cooking show format, the featured chefs create over 35 dishes from a variety of international recipes including breakfast foods, soups, salads, main dishes, and desserts. There are also recipes and food preparation techniques designed specifically for children, and quick meals for the busy person on the go. Recipes are provided beyond what is demonstrated in the course.



Lesson 1: Cooking Basics


  • Discover your Dosha Free Preview
  • Introduction and How to Make Kitchari Free Preview
  • Ayurvedic Principles and How to Make Rose Coconut Pudding Free Preview

Lesson 2: Ayurveda and Balancing the Doshas


  • Panir, Ghee, and Lassi: Three Ayurvedic Basics
  • Overview of the Three Doshas
  • Oatmeal Pancakes and Dried Fruit Nut Spread
  • Interview: Seed to Table Program at Maharishi School
  • Interview: Super Healthy Kids Co-author Linda Egenes

Lesson 3: Ayurvedic Principles for Pacifying Vata


  • Vata-Pacifying Diet
  • A Quick and Healthy Vata-Pacifying Lunch
  • Simple and Quick Vegetables and Grain Dishes
  • Delicious Ayurvedic Breakfast
  • Expert Interview with Dr. Paul Morehead: Diet Based on Doshas in Ayurveda
  • Interview with Rogers Badgett: The Raj Maharishi Ayurvedic Health Spa

Lesson 4: Ayurvedic Principles for Pacifying Pitta


  • Pitta-Pacifying Diet
  • Interview with Shelley Gratzon: Applying Ayurvedic Principles for Children
  • Pitta-Pacifying Recipes with Chef Mangal: Quinoa Salad, Poached Pear with Blueberry Sauce
  • Nut Grain Burgers with Chef Domnick
  • Expert Interview with Dr. Paul Morehead: Three Doshas in Ayurveda

Lesson 5: Ayurvedic Principles for Pacifying Kapha


  • Kapha-Pacifying Diet
  • Khir, Chickpea Curry, Butternut Squash, Chapatis with Pathu Nayagar
  • Cauliflower Balls and Spaghetti with Green Sauce with Diana Fleischman
  • Interview: Super Healthy Kids Co-author Linda Egenes
  • Interview with Karen DeAngelis: The Maharishi School Seed to Table Program

Lesson 6: The Six Tastes


  • Six Tastes
  • Eggless Power Muffins with Chef Domnick
  • Adzuki Bean Chili Wrap & Salad with Chef Domnick
  • Expert Interview with Dr. Paul Morehead: The Six Tastes
  • Interview with Rogers Badgett from The Raj Maharishi Ayurvedic Health Spa: Discussion on Diet

Lesson 7: The Qualities of Food


  • The Six Qualities of Food
  • Buttermilk Vegetable Curry and Lemon Rice with Pathu Nayagar
  • Energy Bites and Granola with Shelly Gratzon
  • Bliss Balls with Shelley Gratzon
  • Interview: Linda Egenes, Co-author of Super Healthy Kids
  • Interview with Shelley Gratzon: Hiding Vegetables

Lesson 8: Improving Digestion


  • Guidelines for Optimum Digestion
  • Spinach Panir, Rice, and Laddu with Pathu Nayagar
  • Stuffed Zucchini with Herbal Green Sauce with Chef Mangal
  • Expert Interview with Dr. Paul Morehead: Digestion in Ayurveda
  • Interview with Laurie Baumann: The Maharishi School Seed to Table program
  • Bonus Recipe for Cilantro-Cashew Chutney

Lesson 9: Cycles of Nature


  • Three Doshas in Nature
  • Lentil-Buckwheat Loaf, Squash Soup, Green Beans, Coriander Chutney with Jan Thatcher
  • Homemade Vata Tea with Sultan Salah
  • Expert Interview with Dr. Mark Toomey: Aiming for Balance

Lesson 10: Nutritionally Complete Vegetarian Meals


  • Pesto Pasta with Vegetables and Panir; and Fruit Crisp with Chef Domnick
  • Fennel in Coconut Sauce with Mangal Tamang
  • Interview with Karen DeAngelis: The Maharishi School Seed to Table Program